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Aquaria KLCC

Aquaria KLCC.

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Aquaria KLCC


The Aquaria KLCC







is an underwater park located beneath Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre within Kuala Lumpur City Centre development precinct.







This “ ocean of discovery ” is unveiled at the Aquaria KLCC right in the heart of the city. It is the first commercial aquarium in the Federal capital and a wonderful place to spend the school holidays with the family.

It’s a RM60 million aquarium featuring some 5,000 aquatic and marine animal exhibits of over 150 different species from Malaysia and around the world – some caught, some sourced and some given. Boasting of an area spanning two levels and covering over 5,500 sq m, making it the largest in the world, the Aquaria has 19 tanks with various environments to keep and display fishes from various parts of the world.

Attractions to the Aquaria KLCC are the journey of water where you can find Sand Tiger Shark, Giant Blotched Fantail Ray, Arapaima, Luna & Loco, Red-bellied Piranha, Tawny Nurse Shark, Green Turtle, Giant Grouper, Moon Jelly, Coatimundi, Water Rat  and many more.





The aquarium is also home to monkey-eating catfish from Endau Rompin, sharks from Singapore and the endangered fresh water tortoise called “ Chitra-chitra ” which were saved from the cooking pot.

A lot of visitors come here to learn more about the marine life and see what we have to offer, the feeding times are extremely popular with the crowd. Sometimes, there are divers get into the tanks to feed the fishes and marine life, and visitors crowding around the tanks during that times.





Rocky The Shark – If you are lucky, you might catch them  strolling along at Aquaria KLCC during special occasions. Don’t forget to grab your camera as they strike a pose for you!